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Viceroy Research: MiMedx

Report titlePDF DownloadDate Publishedcompany_hfilter
MiMedx – MiMedx’s (NASDAQ:MDXG) employment of kickback & bribery scheme inducers makes it uninvestable.DownloadSeptember 20, 2020mimedx
Ebix – FOIA response confirms enforcement investigationDownloadJuly 1, 2019ebix
Viceroy Members Commence Litigation Against MiMedx and Parker H PetitDownloadJune 17, 2019mimedx
Ebix – Goodwill HuntingDownloadDecember 3, 2018ebix
MiMedx – Open Letter to MiMedxDownloadOctober 15, 2018mimedx
MiMedx – Filling In The BlanksDownloadJune 25, 2018mimedx
MiMedx – No CommentDownloadJune 8, 2018mimedx
MiMedx – Viceroy’s MiMedx Greatest HitsDownloadMay 11, 2018mimedx
MiMedx – The curious case of Mad River Community HospitalDownloadFebruary 22, 2018mimedx
MiMedx – As promised: MiMedx’s concealed documentsDownloadDecember 28, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Viceroy activates “The Honeypot”: Parker H. Petit & MiMedx caught red-handedDownloadDecember 14, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – MiMedx continue to consciously mislead investors, defame Viceroy and Marc CohodesDownloadDecember 13, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Viceroy release MiMedx EOB emailsDownloadDecember 11, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – MiMedx now under investigation by DOJ enforcement & VADownloadNovember 30, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Caught red-handed circumventing VA regulationsDownloadNovember 21, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Vendors soliciting up-coding of Medicare incentives.DownloadNovember 16, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Emails with the VA & new Whistleblower counter-claimsDownloadNovember 8, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Halloween Special: Viceroy evidence more PODs and channel stuffing of deceased doctors.DownloadOctober 31, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – “The same thing happened at Matria”DownloadOctober 30, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Palmer-geddonDownloadOctober 27, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – 2016 Ortho Sales Reports: Read ‘em & weepDownloadOctober 26, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Up Schmidt CreekDownloadOctober 20, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – More physician owned distributors; MiMedx may not wish to address its investors but it will have to answer the regulatorsDownloadOctober 17, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Bankruptcy & DOJ/FBI indictments of Physician-Owned Medical Center inconvenienced MiMedx CPM channel stuffing programDownloadOctober 13, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – More whistleblowers come forward with details of MiMedx sales schemeDownloadOctober 10, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Ex-employees blow the lid on MiMedx sales schemeDownloadOctober 5, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – How are MiMedx making their numbers?DownloadOctober 4, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – MiMedx’s selective non-compete litigation & questionable disclosuresDownloadOctober 3, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Channel-Stuffing: Hard EvidenceDownloadOctober 2, 2017mimedx
MiMedx – Part 2 – The same old story; Mimedx’s response is typical of companies trying to cover their tracks and is unacceptable.DownloadSeptember 26, 2017mimedx