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Globe Life – Keefer Success Training Videos

July 11, 2024 – Former Globe Life agents have sent Viceroy a trove of revealing Globe Life agent training materials hosted on

These training materials include multiple false claims and misrepresentations that agents are expected and encouraged to repeat to customers to close a sale. Viceroy has AI-transcribed these videos for the purposes of this report.

An archived version of the site from July 2020 can be found at the link below.

The bulk of the content on the website is in the form of videos of training sessions for agents already out in the field and include false claims, misleading sales tactics and outright fabrications, including:

  • False claims of program exclusivity
  • False claims of limited enrollment periods
  • False claims that decisions must be made on the day of the presentation
  • Misrepresenting when rate increases on other policies occur
  • Fabricating sob stories including the deaths of family members
  • Using beneficiaries as leads without the policyholder’s consent, which has resulted in formal complaints

The videos also acknowledge that virtually every agent has misrepresented themselves as union representatives and alcohol use in the office.

The significance of these videos cannot be understated, featuring top-producing SGAs and senior management promoting misleading – and in some cases illegal – conduct as the pathway to success at AIL