MiMedx – Ex-employees blow the lid on MiMedx sales scheme

Prior to Viceroy’s publications, we filed a significant data bundle of evidence to the SEC Whistleblower program. We always believe where appropriate in notifying regulators first. We under some may not wish to disclose or communicate with Viceroy, however can contact the SEC directly: https://www.sec.gov/whistleblower.

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Viceroy has previously published on MiMedx detailing its dubious hiring practices, connections to related party employee owned distributors, improper government filings and undisclosed SEC investigation.

Many former MiMedx employees that are not in legal conflict with MiMedx have reached out to Viceroy to provide information and corroboration of our investigations.

In this report, we detail:

  • Allegations corroborated by whistleblowers that MiMedx engage in a scheme with its distributors, in which larger and / or a number of small products are labeled as cheaper products. This scheme would draw attention away from MiMedx financial accounts as there are no ‘direct’ cash kickbacks to distributors, but distributors can unsuspiciously make large margins on marked up products.
  • Further apparent MiMedx related party entities controlled Donovan Schmidt, all of which appear to deal with medical products – we have a lot more to come on this.
  • MiMedx former subsidiary and current distributor Stability Biologics’ history as a with Osiris Therapeutics, a former NASDAQ listed competitor who is under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office for a criminal offence which, Viceroy believe this investigation is likely related to channel stuffing practices and revenue recognition.

Allegations as they stand are so substantial that Viceroy are now engaging in dialogue with the Department of Justice.

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