MiMedx – MiMedx’s selective non-compete litigation & questionable disclosures

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While Viceroy pieces together further damning evidence of MiMedx’s dwindling relationship with the Department of Veteran Affairs, investors should question the discretionary nature of MiMedx’s aggressive litigation. Namely against employees which have breached their non-compete with the company. Viceroy has previously published on MiMedx detailing its dubious hiring practices, connections to related party employee owned distributors, improper government filings and undisclosed SEC investigation.

Many former MiMedx employees that are not in legal conflict with MiMedx have reached out to Viceroy to provide information and corroboration of our investigations. All whistleblowers are extremely fearful of physical and legal retribution from MiMedx. They have provided images, statements, corroborating phone data/records and further information about the company’s channel stuffing practices, executive impropriety and lack of disclosure.

Contrary to their statements, we believe MiMedx intentionally turns a blind eye to certain employees setting up their own distributorships especially where it is likely to benefit MiMedx revenue schemes. This has been confirmed by former employees who told Viceroy:

“…some people are allowed to break a rule [that] others are not. And there’s so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes with the executive team that no one knows who makes the rules…” – Former MiMedx Employee.

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