Quintis Limited (ASX:QIN) – formerly TFS Corporation Limited – Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

The saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees..

  • Bogus sales channels.
  • Directors skimming cash through round robin scheme, which concurrently allows Quintis to artificially boost sales.
  • Fictional institutional sales, Quintis books revenues which are
    intermittently used to gain access to debt finance, before being written off.
  • Debt finance used to engage in Ponzi-like behavior.
  • Viceroy’s price target for Quintis is $0. The scenario is reminiscent of historical MIS ventures such as Timbercorp and Great Southern, both of which are now defunct(consensus with Glaucus Research Group).

Quintis Limited Report Download


Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) – Defying economic principles through marketing veil

Once upon a time in Mozambique, there was an overpriced junior graphite miner..

  • Balama mine will more than double current global graphite supply.
  • NPV assumptions are outdated, overly optimistic, and appear to include errors. 
  • Public record request for Louisiana spherical graphite plant plans yielded no results.
  • The management team is unstable.